Best Magento Themes For Your Growing eCommerce Enterprise:



Magento is one of the most powerful enterprise ecommerce platforms as many regarded to, as and according to the makers, is the fastest growing enterprise ecommerce platform nowadays. It started out branching from a team of developers from osCommerce which was previously the shopping cart. They’ve expanded after a few years and made Magento, and it is now being managed by eBay online marketplace.

Magento comes in three different versions; Magento Go, Magento Community Edition and Megento Enterprise Edition. For most small to medium businesses, Magento Go and Magento Community Edition is more than enough to suffice for their core business needs, as well as any kind of expansions and scalability with both the logistics and website functionality.


Benefits Of Magento Enterprise For E-commerce Business:



One of the really valuable things that a lot of ecommerce companies like about Magento Enterprise that the other shopping carts don’t have is its multistore functionality. So if your business is selling a wide range of products having different brands, you can have a completely different looking store for each brand that you have. But everything from the backend is all under one roof. That’s one of the great benefits of using Magento.


Choosing The Right Magento Theme



You have three options to install a new theme into Magento Enterprise. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend and the type of entrepreneur you are, you can choose Magento theme as;



  1. Personalized Theme. If you don’t have the right expertise to customize a Magento theme, hiring a professional web developer could be necessary in order to do this job. A Magento theme designed and built by experts highlighting detailed branding, personalized options, personal customer support and knowledgeable services that are completely different from free and premium offers.
  2. Premium Theme. There are a lot of sources to buy good and functional premium themes. Just Google them up and you’ll find thousands of information from the web. Premium templates are designed by website designers with specific goals to provide superior quality, unique and highly creative concept, responsive and compliance design, intuitive website functionality, secure backend and full support.
  3. Free Theme. Free themes are available in many different designs with easy installation, customizable setup and pre-built features. Knowing it’s free, often these Magento themes have no support, no warranty, not well coded, not unique, not search engine friendly and may not work properly when utilized. However, if you don’t have much budget or just starting out, go ahead and try these themes so you can get a sense of how these templates work.